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Types of Razors

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A completely shaven face is indicative of good grooming habits and a professional attitude. The best way to get a clean shave is to have a good razor. There a various types of razors out there on the market, and knowledge of these razors can help you pick the suitable one. The following are a brief introduction of five razor types.

Electric Razors
There are two main types of electric shavers, the rotary and foil. Rotary shavers shave three to four shaving heads while the foil type razors have a floating head with cutters behind the protective metal grid that protect the skin. Unlike traditional shaving, an electric razor can be used without shaving cream. A bathroom sink and water, though preferred, are not necessary. The advantages of electric shavers are extremely good speed and efficiency during the morning routine. They are likely the quickest shave you can get, saving you time. So, they can be used on the go. However, they are the furthest shave compared to other type of razors, and they are rarely as effective as a double edge razor in giving a close shave. Besides, many men complain of irritated skin after using them.

Cartridge Razors
Cartridge razors consist of a plastic or metal handle with a flexible center that allows the razor to follow the shape of your face. They usually come with 3 to 5 blades. Cartridge razors are great for beginners as it’s near impossible to cut yourself with them. If you want to have a close shave, a cartridge razor will be a good choice. These are simple to use and allow shaving with or against the grain of hair follicles. In addition, the entire cartridge is replaceable as needed. The drawback of cartridge based razors are that they are good for only a few shavings. Using the razor several times will cause the blades to dull.

Safety Razors
Safety razors are probably what your grandfather and in some cases – your father used for his daily shave. They are made from plastic or lightweight metal, stainless, chrome, etc. Safety razors are sometimes called double-edge razors. They can give an incredibly close and clean shave. They are possibly the best option for men with severe acne or skin irritation. However, it’s not so easy to use this type of razors. If you use don’t use the correct technique, you will cut yourself. Careful attention is required to avoid nicks and small cuts. Moreover, don’t expect them to function as quickly as an electric razor or even a cartridge razor.

Straight Razors
Straight razors are the type of razors your great, great, great grandfather uses. They are also called cut throat razors, consisting of a sharp blade that folds into the handle. The permanent blade is made of hardened steel. The handle of the razor is made of wood, metal, horn, bone or plastic. The blade and the handle are often engraved and customised to the preferences of the user. This type of razors provides the closest shaves. But, they also have drawbacks. A straight razor will last forever but needs frequent stropping and honing to keep its metal edge straight and sharp. Besides, it takes time to fully master the technique of shaving with this razor type. You can easily receive a serious injury from a straight razor because the blade can cut to any depth into your skin unless you are super careful.

Beard Trimmers
Beard trimmers are for those who do not need a close shave on a daily basis. Whiling using it, you don’t have to worry about irritation or acne all that much since you don’t have a razor up against your skin. It makes a good option if you aren’t looking for the best and closest shave on a daily basis.