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Top Toaster Ovens


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Top Toaster Ovens

Today’s toaster ovens do much more than toast, and these top models are a world apart from the typical four-slice bread toaster. In fact, these appliances are able to broil meat and bake bread, with their capabilities almost enough to replace a kitchen oven! There are even smart options that will activate the top and bottom heating elements in a custom sequence depending on what you are cooking. The infrared models require no preheating and will greatly diminish cook time. Convection options give you the speed of convection force but in a small countertop version. All of these features illustrate just how much toaster ovens have advanced.

The KitchenAid KCO273SS is a 12-inch convection oven that is also digital. The digital preset settings will alter the sequence of the heating elements in order to cook your food to perfection. There are two racks and the 12-inch size keeps this model from overwhelming your kitchen countertop. There are defrost and convection options and the toaster has a full digital display. Families with small children will like the way the exterior remains cool even as the inside is fully heated. This convection toaster comes with the high-quality standards that KitchenAid is known for in all of their appliances.

For those who are looking to heat up leftover pizza or toast a bagel, the Black & Decker TO1303SB is the one for you This straightforward toaster oven does not defrost, there is no convection force, and there are simple knobs in place of a digital display. This classic version is a favorite in many households for simple tasks without any upgrades. It has remained so popular due to its reliability and longevity. This appliance is perfect for college dorms and recent graduates whose culinary needs are still rather basic. The price, at under $30, cannot be beaten.

One of the fanciest models currently available is the Cuisinart CSO-300N convection steam oven. This appliance does everything that the KitchenAid model can with the additional feature of steam cooking. The 1875 watts provide up to two hours of steam in order to cook rice, fish, veggies, and the steam and bake option is perfect for meats. This model can also successfully make many bread items that can often turn out tough or chewy, such as pretzels and donuts that seem to either be raw or burnt. This steam option is more useful than you may first think and would preclude the need for a separate rice or bread maker.

Toaster ovens are a convenient appliance that gets a lot of use in most kitchens. The bare bones model is often enough for many households, but if you require additional features, KitchenAid and Cuisinart have you covered. Today’s toaster ovens perform a multitude of tasks all with greater convenience and less energy use. These simple appliances have come a long way from simple toast and can now operate as an additional oven. It may be time to up your toaster game and utilize one of these high-end super stars!