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Top 3 Hiking Boots


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Top 3 Hiking Boots

Most hikers have a preferred boot that they return to whenever they need a new pair or want to upgrade a worn-out pair. These top three hiking boots will serve you well on the toughest inclines over uneven terrain while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. A quality hiking boot will offer ankle support with good traction and be water resistant or repellent. While extreme backcountry treks require different gear, these boots will get you through most moderate or difficult trails. Replacing worn out boots is another important habit to get into, as no one wants to lose their footing with worn-out treads. If you are looking for a switch or just getting into the outdoor game, take a look at these top three hiking boots. Perhaps one of these pairs might be a perfect fit.

Salomon has been a trusted brand for decades and their Quest 4D GTX receives consistently high marks from both experts and novices alike. The waterproof Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining does a great job in keeping water out. At $145 the 4D GTX is at a mid-range price point but these boots are long-lasting and durable, making the expense worth it. Waterproofing is one of the features that Salomon is heralded for and the Quest boot delivers.

Hikers with either wide or narrow feet can have difficulty finding a good option that does not require going up a size or using inserts. Vasque offers both wide and narrow options of their St. Elias GTX which is another favorite of hikers and backpackers. The $150 price tag feels more reasonable when Vasque’s strong reputation for longevity and durability is considered. Anyone looking for a non-standard boot fit or that wants a super sturdy hiking option should check out the St. Elias GTX.

If a lighter-weight boot that is less clunky and more streamlined is what you want, take a look at the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid. The Renegade weighs less than three pounds but still provides needed stability. Even with the low weight, the Renegade performs at a top level. At $120 these boots come at a great price and offer a high level of support and traction. The St. Elias is consistently one of the top-rated hiking boots on the market and they deliver year after year.

Hiking is a terrific way to get out and enjoy some wilderness, and proper gear becomes more important as you tackle more advanced trails and terrain. Even if your hikes are fairly moderate, the amount of support you need is still substantial. Don’t think that if you aren’t venturing into the backcountry that you can get away with a glorified running shoe; a strong and sturdy boot is essential. These top three hiking boots all deliver in support, traction, and water resistance. Consider all of your outdoor footwear needs and find the best boots for your adventures.