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Shaving Tips for Men

by admin

Facial hair is some of the toughest hair on the entire body, and removing it requires proper preparation and care. Here are some shaving tips will help men get a closer, more comfortable shave each time you shave.

Get prepared
The most important step of shaving comes even before you shave. It’s not friendly to your facial hair if you skip preparation and go straight dragging the razor through the face. That causes a lot of friction and may lead to irritation, razor burns and cuts since there is no layer of protection on the face. Start by rinsing your face with a pre-shave soap and warm water, which will remove excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up the blades. Shower before you shave. In addition, a warm shower will open up your pores and follicles, allowing your hair to protrude as much as possible. The more your hair is protruding out of the skin, the cleaner the shave will be. Besides, Then apple a shaving cream that is creamy instead of lathering or foamy. The creamy texture provides more lubrication, while the foamy cream is incredibly irritating and toxic to the skin. Leave shaving cream on the face a minute or so before shaving. This will give the cream time to moisten and soften facial hair for a smoother shave.

Use a single-blade razor
Of course, the thought of a razor with 11 blades sounds really cool, but your skin wouldn’t think that way. A razor with many blades may look and sound cool, it’s not friendly to the face since your face is not meant to have a blade of steel rub against it, let alone too many blades. So, be good to your face and use a single-blade dispensable razor or even better, a safety razor.

Make sure your razor is sharp
It doesn’t matter if you are using a disposable or safety razor. Just make sure that it is sharp. A dull blade can be as traumatic to a skin as it causes itchiness and razor burn. If you’re using disposables, it’s better to replace the blade or cartridge every five to ten shaves.

Apply aftershave
The process of shaving takes a toll and removes up to 2 layers of skin. It can take up to 48 hours for your skin to heal after a shave and keeping it hydrated during that 48 hour period is the best defense to prevent irritation from showing up. For that reason, applying aftershave lotion is recommended. But, aftershaves with alcohol should be avoided as they will dry the skin which could cause more irritation on an already exposed skin. Besides, make sure to choose an after shave specifically formulated for men as these are less oily than ones for women.