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3 Reasons to Be a Real Estate Agent


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3 Reasons to Be a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents enjoy many perks, from a flexible schedule to unlimited earning potential. If you are looking for a lucrative career or need office hours flexibility, a career in real estate is worth exploring. There are many reasons to change tack mid-career especially if your current industry is in a downward cycle. Real estate may have its ups and downs, but it will always be a viable industry. 

The most attractive thing about starting a career in real estate is the ease of entry. There are exams that you will need to pass to receive your license, but once that is complete you can get right to work. Typically, people begin studying for the exam prior to switching careers to give themselves a safety net in case they need more than one try to pass the exams. Once you have your license you will need to join an agency for a specific period before you can go out on your own.

Whether you choose to stay with an agency or venture out on your own, real estate can be a career with a short, slow start that takes off after a reasonable amount of time and a lot of dedication. When you are working at an agency as a beginner it is a good opportunity to get some on-the-job training and learn from the veterans. This time will mostly entail a lot of low-level listings, such as rentals, and the payoff will not be very high during this initial stage. Keep at it and you will soon be bringing in your listings and making substantially more money.

In addition to the ease of entry and continuous learning opportunities, the flexibility of the daily routine is appealing to many people. This is not to say that you won’t have to work hard or that it will all come to you very easily. With hard work and dedication, your business can conform to your schedule instead of the other way around. You may have to work more weekends and evenings but many agents consider it worth the trade off when they are able to attend their children’s school activities. 

An established real estate agent can make as much money as their dedication allows, there is no upward limit. This career path is exciting for a lot of people because you do not have to be stuck in an office cubicle all day and the rewards are plenty. Add in the ability to shape your own schedule, and few can resist! Remember that when you are starting out there may be lean periods as you get your feet wet and learn the ropes. Choose an agency that has the infrastructure to support your goals and you will go far!