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Which Tablet Is Best for Your Needs?


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Which Tablet Is Best for Your Needs?

The 2017 generation of tablets offers improved graphics, larger screens, and enhanced keyboard interfaces. If you mainly use your laptop for games or watching videos, then you might be able to replace your laptop with this new generation of tablets. The new iPads are larger and priced lower than their predecessors. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 runs on Android and has HDR capabilities for when Netflix and other platforms offer content in that format. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs a full-form Windows 10 package and claims to be an option to replace both your laptop as well as your desktop! Let’s take a closer look at these three outstanding 2017 tablets and how to make the best choice for your needs.

One of the first determining factors when choosing a tech device is the operating system. Our top three utilize the Apple, Android, and Windows systems, covering all of the basics. Tablets are great for trying out new operating systems without breaking the bank. Next, take a look at screen size and display quality. Depending on how you’re using your tablet, a larger screen may be desirable. The newest iPads offer larger screens measuring between 9.7 inches to the extra-large iPad Pro clocking in at an impressive 12.9 inches. Battery life and price also need to be considered; remember that more expensive does not always mean better.

The iPad Pro 10.5 is the standard bearer for the 2017 range of revamped iPads. This tablet is compatible with iPencil and smart keyboard add-ons and is robust enough to meet the laptop and desktop needs of many users. At around $600 retail, this is pricier than the 9.7-inch model that will suit most consumers’ needs, but for professional use and people looking for a quality media viewing experience, the cost is worth it.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 retails at about $550 and offers full Android capabilities. This tablet is 9.7 inches. The four built-in speakers and large, vibrant screen provide a great media viewing experience. The larger version S Pen is included and the keyboard cover, a must for those using the tablet on the go, comes with an extra cost.

For Windows users who prefer one mobile computing device instead of two, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a viable laptop replacement for $550. The built-in kickstand and optional keyboard allow this tablet to function like a laptop with a full Windows 10 software package included. It is not too far-fetched that this tablet will handle most of your computing needs while on the go.

Tablets continue to improve and now offer greater functionality to the point that there are available options that can seamlessly replace your laptop without many headaches. These three options are at the top of their classes and provide effective solutions for most users.