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What are the Best Blood Pressure Medications?


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What are the Best Blood Pressure Medications?
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High blood pressure is a condition that can be treated effectively with changes to diet, lifestyle, and the right medication. With so many drug options available it can be confusing to know which is the best for your needs. These four blood pressure medications are highly rated, effective, and should only be taken after consultation with your doctor. Each of the medicines below represents the top choice in each of the four main drug types used to treat high blood pressure.

Your doctor knows your health needs best, but learning more about these effective medications can help you stay more engaged with your blood pressure treatment. There are four main types of drugs for treating high blood pressure: beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor antagonists, and calcium channel blockers. These different classes of drugs perform a different duty such as keeping the blood vessels from narrowing or widening blood vessels to improve blood flow. Once your doctor recommends the class of medicine they believe will be most effective, you can begin to research the top options.

Sectrol, Vasotec, Cozaar, and Procardia are the top-rated drugs in each of their respective categories due to their consistency and effectiveness. Depending on the type of high blood pressure that you have, one will likely be a more effective treatment than the others. It can take multiple tries to find the right drug for your condition, so be patient as you work with your doctor to determine which class of drug and which particular medicine is best. Once you find an effective drug, your blood pressure should be under control soon.

Sectrol - this beta blocker slows down the rate that blood travels through the heart and the arteries, thus relieving the force and pressure. Many people using beta blockers suffer from stress-induced symptoms.

Vasotec - ACE inhibitors prevent the production of angiotensin which relaxes the arteries and improves the flow of blood. As blood is able to travel more easily through these relaxed arteries, the blood pressure will decrease.

Cozaar - this angiotensin II receptor blocker inhibits the absorption of angiotensin II. This enzyme narrows the blood vessels and elevates the amount of water and sodium in the body which raises blood pressure.

Procardia - prevents calcium from being absorbed into the heart and blood vessel cells thereby relaxing the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Calcium is a natural muscle relaxer that will also reduce cardiac arrhythmia and angina.

High blood pressure can be effectively managed in most individuals, and depending on the causes of the condition, your doctor will likely prescribe one of these top medicines. In addition to taking one of these medications, adopting a more active lifestyle can also lower your blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure should make modifications to their diet and avoid foods that are high in fat and cholesterol. Many patients report that changes to diet and exercise levels, combined with one of these blood pressure medications, yield positive results. Talk to your doctor today about how you can get your high blood pressure under control.