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Most Durable Luggage Options


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Most Durable Luggage Options

Hard-sided suitcases are popular options for travelers because of their durability and protection. It is no secret that baggage handlers are not the gentlest of folks, and suitcases take a lot of abuse when you check them. While these cases offer great protection for your belongings, they can often lack packing space and be unwieldy and difficult to maneuver. We have found three options that offer the protection that you want and also have adequate interior space. Durable options are also available with soft covers if that is more your style.

The Delsey Helium Aero is the answer to all of your luggage needs. It is available in two different carry-on options and two full-sized cases that are suitable for checking. The polycarbonate exterior stands up to whatever the airline throws at it, and this outer shell can take a lot of abuse before it begins to show any signs of wear and tear. Managing this light weight suitcase is no problem thanks to the spinner wheels that allow you to simply push the case alongside you. The interior leaves plenty of room for your vacation stuff and the exterior pocket provide easy access to boarding passes, chargers, and the like.

Samsonite made its name on sturdy reliability and the Hyperspace range of cases does not disappoint. At the lower to mid-range of quality luggage suitcases, this is a great option that will last while not breaking the bank. One problem with expandable cases is stability. When you utilize the expandable exterior pockets, cases often tumble over. Not so with the Hyperspace. Pack the side pocket to the gills and the case remains upright even with the lopsided weight distribution. This nylon covered case with spinner offers the durability and protection of a hard-side case without the weight and bulkiness.

The Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner is another hard-sided case that combines protection with light weight manageability. Spinner wheels keep this hard case moving easily no matter how full you stuff its interior. The polycarbonate exterior keeps unwanted knocks from damaging the exterior, while the inside is nice and roomy. The seamless design will keep all of your belongings safe and dry no matter how long your suitcase sits on the tarmac waiting to be loaded onto the plane. The 20-inch makes a great carry on while the 24 and 28-inch will need to be checked.

Hard-sided cases are no longer the heavy, unmanageable behemoths they once were. Today’s options are roomy and easy to navigate even when their durability is off the charts. Samsonite offers a range of soft-sided cases that are almost as durable as the hard shell options. If you are looking to travel in style while protecting your belongings, these three suitcases fit the bill. If you do not need such a large case, there are carry-on options available, and all of the models offered by these two brands are winners.