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Is Amazon Prime Worth the $100?


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Is Amazon Prime Worth the $100?

A lot of people sign up for the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial to enjoy the many amazing Prime Day deals only to cancel it before the trial period is over. The main reason people give is that they just don’t think that the $100 fee is worth it. While this may be true if you only order a few things from Amazon, there are numerous benefits to the membership that you may not have considered. Take a look and see if any of the below features apply to you, and if so, the $100 membership could be offset easier than you may think.

An Amazon household can split the costs between individuals, even roommates, who can have separate accounts that all use the same Prime membership. If you and your husband sign up with the same Prime account it’s only $50 each. If you have someone that you can split the fee with, the appeal of a membership begins to grow. If it’s just you and you’re still wondering how you will ever get $100 in savings to make the membership worthwhile, keep reading about the many other features available to Prime members.

For customers that order a lot, and often, the free shipping makes a Prime membership a no-brainer. There is also the No Rush option that is a great boon if speed is not essential for the particular order, choosing this option gives you free shipping plus additional discounts and promotions on other select items. Again, if you do not order frequently from Amazon, free shipping is not going to tip you over the edge to break-even.

Media mavens that love ebooks, streaming content, and music will also benefit from a Prime membership. For Kindle readers, there are many free book lending options and a few for those that use the Kindle app rather than the device. As an added bonus, Kindle owners receive a free book every month. Prime Video offers a lot of fantastic original programming in addition to popular movies. There are even bonuses for audio book fans through Audible. With Audible Channels costing $60 per year the Prime membership nearly pays for itself for audiobook fans. Prime Music is also included with the membership but unfortunately, Amazon has seriously lagged behind the streaming marketplace and their music streaming service is less than optimal. This feature is an okay add-on but should not figure too seriously in any decision making.

Opting for a Prime membership makes sense if you are an active consumer and order from the company on a regular basis. For those of you that are more erratic in your shopping habits, it is likely best to continue canceling your free Prime Day trial on day 29. If you do opt for membership take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the added features, as you never know what might be available and worthwhile to you. Amazon Prime makes sense for most people but if you haven’t signed up yet, it might be because you just don’t need it.