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How to Cut Sugar From Your Diet


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How to Cut Sugar From Your Diet

We all know that it is not healthy to consume a lot of sugar, but eliminating it, or even reducing your intake can be a serious challenge. Sugar affects concentration, energy levels and weight, and most people benefit from a reduction of the additive in their diet. With the amount of sugar that is contained in processed foods already high, it makes sense to completely eliminate added sugar and cut down on the worst processed offenders. If you are trying to battle an unhealthy level of sugar consumption there are a few tips that can be effective in the fight for a healthy diet. Follow these helpful hints and you should be feeling better in no time!

It is much easier to avoid adding sugar to your breakfast cereal if the sugar bowl isn’t right there on the countertop or table. Keep sugar and honey off of the table, and make it easier to skip this dose first thing in the morning. Add fresh fruit to oatmeal and other cereals to give them a sweeter taste that is healthier. Another helpful trick to get your morning started without too much sugar is to cut the amount of sugar added to your coffee or tea by half. This will keep a sweet taste and eliminate unnecessary calories while you wean yourself from added sugar.

Once you begin to avoid sugary snacks, you will likely feel better and resisting them will be less difficult. However, when you first reduce your sugar intake be prepared for cravings and even headaches at the start of the process. In order to curtail these discomforts be sure to stay hydrated and keep a supply of healthy snacks like apple slices or nuts on hand. These will elevate your blood sugar without the processed sugar. It is so important to cut added sugar from your diet because it is added to nearly everything! Salad dressing and yogurt are two foods that most people don’t consider sugar-laden. Try using olive oil and balsamic vinegar as your dressing and buy plain yogurt and add fruit and nuts. These small modifications can make a huge difference in how you feel as you reduce your overall sugar intake.

Grabbing a fast food lunch to eat at your desk is another trap filled with high sugar potential. Try batch cooking over the weekend and prepare healthy meals to bring in to work. Salads, with oil and vinegar dressing, offer a great alternative to a greasy hamburger and fries. Bringing a sandwich from home can help to curb any carbohydrate cravings that you may be having, be sure to use whole grain bread and go easy on the ketchup and mayonnaise which have added sugar.

Eating more food that you prepare at home, and dramatically lowering the amount of sugar you add to your food, are two effective ways to begin cutting sugar out of your diet. Eat fewer prepared and processed foods and have healthy snacks available to curb any cravings. Stay hydrated and be more conscious of what you are consuming and sone those sugar cravings will be a distant memory.