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Best Luxury Kitchen Appliance Brands


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Best Luxury Kitchen Appliance Brands

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and many home owners choose to focus their renovation budgets on this room. Amateur chefs and food enthusiasts require a different class of appliances to outfit the kitchen of their dreams, and these three brands definitely fall into that top-end category. If you are looking for high-quality kitchen appliances that will create an elevated cooking experience for you, as well as increase the resale value of your home, take a look at these top luxury kitchen appliance brands. From integrated Bosch refrigerators to professional Viking ranges, these appliances are the creme de la creme.

Known for its iconic dual fuel range, Viking has been in the range business since 1987. While their entry into the dishwasher and refrigeration markets has not been as successful as their dominance of the range market, this brand continues to be held in high esteem and is the go option to for dual ranges. The stainless steel models are now joined by the Tuscany line that offers a throw-back Euro profile in colored enamel. If you are looking for a truly equipped chef-level kitchen, a Viking range needs to be on your short list.

The German-engineered Bosch brand now owns both Gaggenau and Thermador, two of the highest rated luxury kitchen brands. Known for their reliable and innovative refrigeration Thermador is an industry leader in integrated and built-in fridges that offer a much sleeker and stylish profile to any kitchen. Gaggenau is a pioneer in steam ovens and was one of the first to offer such products. Gaggenau is also popular for its unique and industrial style that will set your kitchen apart in both function and style. If you are looking for the best-engineered appliances for your kitchen, stick with the Bosch owned brands, Gaggenau and Thermador.

In addition to laundry machines and dishwashers, Miele produces some of the best wall ovens and coffee systems. Their M touch technology allows stress-free cooking provided by Masterchef, this system utilizes basic prompts to ensure the perfection of every dish. The Miele wall ovens are at the head of the pack and are valued for their temperature consistency, sleek design, and Masterchef system integration. Their pro range can be connected to a water line and provide steam cycles that will produce the finest bread and keep meats moist and tasty.

These brands will give you the professional capabilities that you desire with a high performance level and strong reliability. Choosing high-end appliances that work together and complement each design profile can be an intimidating task. If you are serious about a professional grade kitchen, calling in the services of a professional is strongly advised. If you do opt for the DIY approach, there are many design magazines dedicated solely to high-end kitchens that can provide great suggestions and recommendations. Creating the kitchen of your dreams should be a fun and relatively stress-free process with an end result that will keep you cooking for years to come.